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in points near cupertino -- pockets near cupertino. let's go to steve. >>> it was 103 in los angeles yesterday. it was cooking down there. temperatures inland will start to come down. had a lot of high clouds yesterday. those are gone but the fog is not. upper 40s san rafael is in there, napa, low 40s, even antioch is down to 55. livermore, san jose, cloudy. still a pretty good decent sea breeze kicking up. it's been stronger. i think it will kick in later. i see the low spinning to the west of us. it's gonna control our weather for the entire week. fog, sun, cooler. that cooler is for inland areas. the coast is just sold out. 50s, 60s there. inland temperatures coming down. concord, 79. san jose 79. santa rosa, 75. 85 fairfield. 70s look like they will hold and then just keep us there. at the end of the week, that's really where there is a disagreement. one forecast model dropped the low right into us. i will go for that right now which will make for an interesting and kieler weekend. tori and dave? >> all right. >>> it's been six months since a morgan hill teenager disappeared. the
on the back of a 7:47 before endeavour retired to a los angeles museum it is scheduled to pass over the state capitol and here to the bay area. to prevent any traffic problems in the air the faa will restrict air space over sacramento and los angeles today between 9:30 and 11:30 air space is restricted below 5,000 feet in a 25-mile radius around san francisco. next month endeavour will take a five mile road trip. now nearly 400 trees were being cut down along the route to make room for the 112-foot long shuttle. the museum is promising to replant 1,000 trees. >>> stay with us here at ktvu for continuing coverage in the next half hour some of the best bay area spots to catch the flayover of the shuttle we are also going to go live to moffett field at 6:30 this morning because they are hosting a very big watch party there. >> there will be a lot of watch parties. that is what sal is telling us chp has a warning as well. >>> that is right dave and pam. chp's warning not to stop on the freeway if you happen to be driving by when endeavour flies over. i know it's tempting to do it and people do it
president barack obama with a slight edge. >>> a los angeles chef is on trial accused of murdering his wife and cooking her body. he stuffed the body in a drum of boiling water and cooked it for four days. his confession was played and he was there after jumping off a cliff when he learned he was a suspect. >>> and garcia fernandez is accused of molesting his daughter from the time she was 5 to 14. he is facing 14 counts which include lewd acts of a minor. >>> antolin garcia-torres is accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lemar. that trial is expected to last a few weeks. >> time now 6:16, they are complaining about reports of high radiation levels and state officials say no major health threats exist, the hundreds of barrels of low-level radioactive material have been removed from the old navy base. they are worried about it being kicked up. >>> -- they are work rid about dust being -- worried about dust being kicked up. >>> it you due to begin around 7:00 p.m. in an area on hillcrest drive and highway 4 in antioch. fogging comes just after a week after the county confirms the first h
the space coast and other nasa facilities. it will finally end up in los angeles at los angeles international airport on friday. for mom floridians a bittersweet day. they're excited to see the shuttle up in the air bolted on the back of a modified 747. but it also means the end of a program they worked on the past three decade, bill. bill: steve, something to see once it arrives at the final destination. thank you, steve harrigan live in miami. go ahead? >> reporter: might be the most challenging and interesting part once it gets on the ground there in los angeles they have essentially have to drive it through parts of los angeles. like moving a five story building at one mile per hour before it reaches its final destination in the california science center. bill: holy cow. helicopters will be in the air for that. that will be another image we'll watch. thank you, steve harrigan in miami. martha? martha: there are serious concerns for our diplomatic workers overseas as violent protests against the united states continue every day. we have brand new pictures like this, burning f
and do a low pass over the nasa researcher and continue south in los angeles placed onpermanent displays at the california science center. a crowd gathered by moffett field even though the flight is hours away. they say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. if fact, one man drove from virginia to be here. >> it's a very meaningful dayp there will be a lot people that will never forget this. and, i will be one of them. >> reporter: there will be speeches, displays and a count down to the flyover which should happen sometime between 9:45 and 10 a.m. live at moffettfield, ann rubenktvu channel # news. >> besides -- 2 news. >> besides moffett field there are other places to see it. a charge crowd is expected when it flies over the golden gate and the ch abc ot sighs sense and explore toreium in san francisco and lawrence hall of sighence in berkeley. weather could prevent parts the bay area from getting a clear shot of the shuttle. >> yeah. let's go to steve who knows all about it what do you think? >> for most it will be all right. there's a little fog forming. it's just kind of that pa
. there was a sequel on the highways of los angeles. it was the beginning of carmeggedon ii. police say traffic was light and drivers are staying away from the construction is done. and hundreds of workers rolled up their sleeves and got 30 today in southeast washington. they remodel the recreation park in congress heights. the neighbors say these for much-needed improvements. >> more than 700 volunteers. it was a shining star in the community. >> lots of fun good exercise. is working now for me. >> the happily donated their time. they wanted to live here and saw the place needed new life. >> this is a good exercise for a student to get back together and be one again. >> today is all about giving kids a safe place to play. the last time this place was given that kind of attention was in 1998. >> they are so amazed. that is probably one of the best things about this. >> mike norton co-chaired the event. designers from competing real- estate firms came together for park improvements. among the changes -- and new prominence, tennis courts, a community garden for picnicking among many other upgrade
center atop a 747 today for a nationwide tour ending in los angeles, but weather has postponed the flight at least until tomorrow. low flyovers are still being planned along cape canaveral and nasa facilities from mississippi all the way here to the bay area. "endeavour" is expected to fly over the golden gate bridge, and nasa ames mountain view on thursday before heading to its final home at the california science center in los angeles. >>> okay. back in a minute with a big secret of "50 shades." stay with us. >>> some lights on "50 shade." the author of the best-selling and very steamy romance novel admits the scenes that play out between christian gray and anastacia steel are her fantasies. it has sold more than 30 million copies, and a movie is now in the works. >> i haven't read it yet. i've downloaded it, but i have not read it. >> it's very popular on tablets because you can't see what people are reading. and people are embarrassed about reading it. >> i don't know what the whole thing is about. >> oh my goodness! >> i'm kidding. i've heard a little bit. >> i'll give you a cliff no
-on to los angeles. it is going into retirement at the science center and before it reaches its last destination it is due to fly over us in the bay area friday morning. >>> france has been ad street protest that are banning the magazine. it is called charlie head dough. he is defending the publisher's free speech rights and that organization was firebombed last year after printing other cartoons. >>> children are returning to the classrooms after teachers are ending their strike after more than a week of walking the picket line. they do not have a contract but members are expected to vote on attentive deal within the next -- a tentative deal with within the next couple of weeks. >>> failure of proposition 30 could trigger $250 million in cuts to the state university system and if the measure does pass, the tuition increase this fall will be rescinded. >>> a woman who was wounded in a shooting forced an east oakland school into lockdown. we understand she is recovering this morning. that woman was shot while driving on crouse avenue near the elementary school yesterday afternoon. the
this is the 101 freeway. they're heading north basically out of los angeles toward calabasas and the san fernando valley there. they have been followed by police. we can't tell you much in the way of details here, except they have refused to stop the heeds of l.a. police and the county officials there. but as you might imagine, it's just before 9:00 a.m. in los angeles, which is normally gridlock, bumper-to-bumper traffic. it is amazing that this slow speed has has gone on as long as it has, far as far as it has given all the traffic in southern california. don't know why police are following and don't know if they suspect any prior criminal offense here or, if the passenger is voluntary or a hostage. just don't have those details but we're going to continue to follow what's happening in southern california. and we'll get you the details. jenna: we'll be back to that in just a moment. right now demanding answers from the white house on the attack in libya that killed four americans. congressional republicans and democrats sending a letter to president obama requesting a briefing in washington as
. two of the officers involved are facing charges in thomas's death. >>> los angeles area chef is on trial. he's accused of killing his wife and -- david told police he stuffed her body in a drum of boiling water and cooked it for four days. his taped confession was played in court. he was in a wheelchair after jumping off a cliff when he found out he was a suspect. >>> changes are coming to a bus plan for el camino real. cities from sunnyvale to palo alto don't like a plan to close one lane in each direction to cars and make them for express bust only, but san jose, and santa clara back the plan. >>> aging school buses could be creating pollution problems for the bay area. according to the bay citizen, tens of thousands of school children are riding buses that could be harmful to their health. this is pause unlike other states, california does not require bus owners to take pusses off the road -- buses off the road after a certainly number of years. california has some of the oldest buses in the nation. >>> new discovery by a harvard professor raising questions this morning ab
in on line. >>> a busy 405 freeway in los angeles will be shut down this weekend. our reporter, bob decastro, is out there right now. we've heard the threats before. are people nervous now, bob? >> reporter: you know, it depends on who you talk to. if you talk to the officials here, yeah, they are a little bit because we had karmageddon -- carmageddon i and everything went off without a hitch and so now people are thinking oh, that was easy. i can do this asly. well, that's not the case. this area here that they are working on, it will take about 53 hours. they expect about 500,000 cars pass through through any given weekend. what they are saying. they have that volume of traffic and that could mean complete gridlock in just about the entire southern california air -- area here on the west side of los angeles to downtown l.a. >> the 405, the busiest freeway in the country and this is the stretch between the 101 and the 10 freeway and both of them pretty much two and three when it comes to the busiest freeways. there are contingency plans in place. i can tell you mass transit they have more t
survey it's the second time this week a small earthquake has rattled the los angeles area. los angeles fire department say there's no immediate report of any damage. there was a 3.2 magnitude quake monday earlier this week. >>> new this morning, several earthquakes in china have killed dozens of people. look at the pictures. now 64 people are reported dead more than 7 15 were hurt. and more than 20,000 homes have been damaged. that's according to chinese official new agency. and there were four earthquakes all of the southwestern part of china. the magnitude range from 4.8 to 5.6. >>> 7:33. a u.c. berkely students has been arrested for sexual battery at a campus dorm. the daily cal reports it happened august 30th at putnam hall. police say an intoxicated 18- year-old man grabbed a woman against her will. he also allegedly pinned a second woman against a wall and kissed her and groped her. the man was moved to a different dorm while police investigate. >>> a gas station robbery caught on tape in colfax and police say a man and woman got three teens to help them rob the gas station. they
bags with unknown contents. >>> the space shuttle heads from edwards air force base to los angeles. a special flyover for mark kelly in tucson who looked on in amazement with congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >>> and do you love honey boo boo and wish your child had a name like that? sugar bear and what's left for us? there's a nickname generator online. here is what they give us for savannah. shuga goober. willie geist, you're woo woo glitz, and the executive producer jim bell will be known as jinxy boo bear. all right. >> hold on, natalie, i have this going here. your nickname is. >> what? >> let's put that in. i can't get it. >>> let's look, alaska -- just firing into seward and anchorage. five inches yesterday caused massive flooding. more today in torrential rains and wind. rest of the country expecting to see plenty of sunshine on the eastern seaboard, wet weather through southern florida. look for another warm day in the pacific northwest, not great newsnews for wildfire firefight >>> and good morning to you. here's the view, san francisco looking out to the golden gate brid
flight 11 which was flying from boston to los angeles. and that's janet napolitano. homeland security secretary, walking there. the north tower burned for 102 minutes before collapsing. the south tower collapsed ten minutes earlier. as we mentioned, victims' family members are continuing to read names of the nearly 3,000 people killed on september 11th. it's also interesting seeing the homeland security there. for first time, no politicians are speaking there at the event. it looks like michael bloomberg there walking around family members and loved ones. this morning -- it's interesting. only about 500 people are gathered there in grounds this morning. not the thousands. a lot of people say the five- year anniversary was a final milestone and at this point it's time to move on and just be able to have a more private moment of reflection for the family members of the victims lost. >>> now, earlier this morning, president obama and michelle obama observed a moment of silence. they paused at 5:46 our time. that's the time the hijackers crashed the first plane into the world trade center
the doubleheader with the nats. los angeles two games back. week three of the nfl season begins tonight. cam newton and the panthers. that game gets going at 8:20 eastern time. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," romney is campaigning for 100% of america. he's going to have to campaign awfully hard to make up a difference in a number of key states. we'll have the new numbers. >>> we'll huddle around the water cooler to hear the story of an iowa couple who had to share their wedding venue with the commander in chief. look at those toys. insurance must be expensive. nah. [ dennis' voice ] i bet he's got an allstate agent. they can save you up to 30% more by bundling your policies. well his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. are you in good hands? ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> we told you at the top of the show mitt romney campaigned in florida yesterday, appearing at a forum in miami at a spanish net
before retiring to the california science center in los angeles. endeavour takes off at 8:15 pacific time. it is scheduled to pass oaf the state capitol and then here to the bay area time around 9:30 this morning. >> the last time that we are going to get to see a space shuttle in the air. >> fog and cloudy weather could effect whether or not you could see endeavour. here are some of the best places to see it. a large crowd is expected at crissy field. if the science center will host a viewing party starting at 8:00 a.m.. we are going to continue our coverage throughout the morning of the space shuttle endeavour. we will be live this morning also live at moffett field where crowds will be gathering to watch the fly over. >>> in election news this morning republican presidential nominee mitt romney visits the bay area today to raise campaign cash in the race for the white house. he is going to appear at a fundraiser at the strawberry hill estate in hillsborough. news chopper 2 flew over. tickets for that fundraiser $50,000 a head. >>> president obama will return to san francisco for a conc
the monterey bay. tahoe about 73, 100 palm springs mid to upper 70s around san diego and los angeles. back home, game tonight dress warmly 59° at 7:15. cooling to 55 with increasing clouds during the game. clouds just about everywhere tonight except east bay valleys most of us in the 50s. stuck in the same pattern right now, you can see the next system diverted to the north the high pressure coming in will bring a warming trend to all neighborhoods and friday. you will notice it more friday afternoon, saturday and sunday, 70s at our beaches this weekend, mid 80s around bay, mid 90s inland. when it starts to taper a little monday, tuesday it will be warm inland to a lesser extent around the bay coolest at the coast. abc7 is about to make someone $49,000 richer. go to and like us then click the win $49,000 button to enter we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the 49ers take on the seahawks here on abc7. if you already like us you still have a chance. go to our facebook page and click that $49,000 button that will take to you the page where you can enter and win that
not all that many years ago i would have absolutely agreed with your point of view. i lived in los angeles at the time of the great crash of the housing industry. i saw what the banks and even more the mortgage brokers, i saw what they were doing. if ever somebody made a case for why government should be regulating them that's exactly what these people did. now, you can argue that maybe they've learned their lesson. maybe they won't do it again, but is there any reason to expect they won't? >> they were regulating it. >> david: another reason the market is beginning to work in housing is because the government programs have tapered off. we had so many of them that did nothing for several years to improve the situation. as they taper off, surprise, the market improves. >> if the government had stepped aside three years ago, let it work out, we'd have a housing boom now. we need 1.5 million new houses a ware because of wear and tear and population increasing. the inventories would have been brought down quickly. more over, in terms of 10%, the government ends up guaranteeing a lot of those m
reports they are back together after a dramatic makeup in los angeles. finally, lindsay lohan has been arrested again this time in new york city for leaving the scene of an accident after allegedly clipping a pedestrian with a borrowed porch. the man claims lohan was slurring her words and reeked of booze. lohan claims she is being set up. >>> this now comes to us from west 2 news in orlando, florida, where in a nearby community of the villages it was gator versus dog until a senior citizen risked life and limb. his terrier was grabbed and dragged into a pond. steve who is 66 bounced into action dove in and struggled with the reptile pinning its nose underwater and grabbing its tail until little bounce was freed. steve says he did it for one reason, because his dog is his best friend. i mean, i can totally relate to that. >> we were talking about our puppies recently and, yeah. if you see them in that situation, i really feel like i, maybe you, would have done anything. >> you would have rescued a gator, i know it. >>> i'm veronica de la cruz, this is "early today" just your first stop
. speakers include steve kerrigan, anthony fox, and the los angeles mayor and chair of the convention, antonio villaraigosa. this is about 40 minutes. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to charlotte. we are desultory -- we are excited to get things kicked off. last week, governor romney and congressman ryan had the opportunity to let off a division. the questions most americans are focused on. they failed, given that opportunity. we look forward to having this conversation this week about where we were 2008, where we have come, and how we have built the economy for the middle class out to restore economic security for the middle class. with me this morning are the -- is the ceo of the democratic convention, steve kerrigan. mayor fox. charlotte. our convention share. mayor villaraigosa and the dnc secretary. between that group which should be able to answer, if not all, many of your questions. if with that, i will turn it over to steve kerrigan. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. as ben said, in the ceo of the democratic national convention committee. on behalf of our team, i w
: look forward to it. >> chris: up next. chairman of the democratic convention los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. we'll be right back from charlotte. [ chirping ] ♪ [ chirping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] audi a4 drivers have spoken. [ engine revs ] and they ranked the a4 highest in total quality index in its class. [ chirps ] experience the summer of audi event before september 4th and get exceptional values on the audi you've always wanted. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ nothing complicated about a pair of 10 inch hose clamp pliers. you know what's complicated? shipping. shipping's complicated. not really. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service shipping's easy. if it fit
the plant is located between los angeles and san diego counties. it serves southern orange county and san diego county. >> new reports about whether the united states has early warnings about the attack in libya. the one that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other embassy workers. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with an alarming report suggesting the u.s. should have done more to protect them. alison. >> reporter: first, dave, u.s. embassies around the world today are bracing for more protests and violence. the british newspaper the independent is reporting the u.s. state department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in benghazi but no warnings were given to diplomats there. four americans were killed in the attack. including chris stevens. california senator dianne feinstein says investigations are under way into the man that made the antiislamic film that has sparked such a furry. >> concerning the individual who did this very obnoxious 12 minute preview of some very stupid movie and wrong headed movie. and he may well not be
. >>> that is the space shuttle endeavor. it's going to the science center in los angeles going on permanent display next month for many to see. >> always extraordinary to see that. >> an intimate look at camelot, a look at president john kennedy and his wife. >> a photographer was allowed unprecedented access to the couple. 50 years later photos are finally revealed. we'll show them to you on cbs "this morning." looking forward to seeing those. beautiful pictures. we got it here on cbs "this morning." your local news is next. >> what's happened to our politics, mr. vice president? >> who do you think america's number one enemy is? >> we talk about cutting taxes and balancing the budget. what would you cut? >> what be the significant achievement that you want to accomplish? >> he summed it up. >> a heart beat away from the presidency. >> the president unleashed the first of his attacks. >> the race for president across historian is claiming that jesus was married. yeah. yeah. just like any other married guy he goes missing for three days, comes back with a crazy excuse. [ laughter ] get this, okay. i die
's take a brief time-out to get the latest latest from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the democrats have a lot to live up to this week after their convention in 2008. and here are a few things to watch out for as the dnc kicks off today. first off this is the democrat's big chance to make their case to american voters and respond to republican's attacks last week. more than 2/3 of people say they are not happy with the direction of the country meaning president obama will have to acknowledge that the economy is struggling while at the same time adding to his forward campaign proving he has what it takes to get the country back on track. second even though the dnc is taking place in charlotte, do not expect north carolina voters to necessarily swing toward obama. he did win the state by less than half a percent in '508 but this year, polls show romney has a better chance of picking up the vote. according to a university study over the weekend romney is up 47% to 43%. romne
science center in los angeles. it will go on permanent display there next month. >>> an intimate look at camelot. never-before-seen pictures of president and his wife, jackie kennedy. >> allowed unprecedented access to the couple. such beautiful pictures. now, 50 years later, we're seeing these photos as they've been revealed in a new book. we'll show them to you right here on "cbs this morning." your local news is next. is next. >> what's happened to our politics, mr. vice president? >> who do you think america's number one enemy is? >> we talk about cutting taxes and balancing the budget. i wonder, what would you cut? >> what will be the significant achievement that you want to accomplish? >> he kind of summed it up. >> he will be a heartbeat away from the president. >> unleashed some of the harshest attacks. >> t >>> would have a crew on our way to a fire and set francisco. his report a fifth and 10th streets. mid to 80 in the wet on rent. a woman was sent prices soaring from a burning apartment in san jose agreed she'd jump from second for a bundle out the dog wouldn't follow so s
jose and the raiders have been the subject of a move to los angeles. >>> time now 5:15. the reno air show races are back this week but there are major changes all because of lasteers crash. this one that killed ten people and injured 70 more. that led toward demand for better safety. organizers redesigned the airfield there increasing the distance between the planes and the grand stand by 150 feet. that separation is now at least 1,000 feet. >>> back here at home muni hoping a new ipad app will help improve problems with its services. about 700,000 people ride muni every day. muni is dealt with issues including old streetcars and buses that sometimes break down. that's why they are hoping the new smart muni app will improve operations by having real-time information about their trains and buses. it uses gps to pinpoint the location, speed, and direction of every vehicle. when a problem happens, a text message is sent out. now the new ktvu ipad app is ready for you to down load. you can do it this morning. you can watch all of our newscasts live. get bay area weather and video of brea
. >> take a look at pandora's stock today. it's all because of apple. julia is in los angeles. >> apple wants to make money off of when users use the devices which include listening to pandora. a preinstalled apple radio app would pose a more serious threat compared to others. pandora's free with ad streaming dominates the online radio market. news of apple's interest in this space is being called a negative saying it's surprising considering their very high royalties. but apple is interested because it wants to keep all music listening in it's eco system. the mobile revenue lags pandora's and an e-marketer says it predicts that pandora adds will grow more than three times. neither apple or pandora will comment on this news that apple is interested in moving into this space. >> julia, spotify is not publicly traded, but would they face the same challenges? >> i think any time a giant like apple moves into your territory if is a bad thing. so far, apple has been so focused, i think it has allowed companies like pandora and spotify to grow. i think the entry of apple would definitely prov
and he will be speaking before the chamber of commerce in los angeles. he will also say president barack obama has failed to deliver on meaning full immigration rereport. >> community had to shut it down. flee busses are in operation and we have put a call into muni and when we hear back we will let you know when that cable car will be back open. >> sal, what are you looking at? >> we are looking at problems dave and pam all over the place and things are getting more crowded. let's go to highway 4 where it is who'd rately he -- moderately heavy, no problems to contra costa county and in richmond, i am happy to say it has been cleared up and i'll say that traffic is getting busier in general. let's go to the toll plaza and traffic is moving well in the fast track lanes and very slow in the cash lanes. in just a few minutes everybody will be slow. let's go to steve. >>> looks like they are sold out. so 50s and 60s, it's just not warm enough. 57, we will go for a high of 60, high pressure has been given way to some weather and cooler weather will kick in and maybe beyond. fairfield only 51,
and will make its final home in los angeles. if weather cooperates it will fly 1,500 feet above mountain view where nasa has aimed which is where the early research was conducted. >>> taking you to breaking news, it is a story we have been following since overnight, this is a live picture in san francisco and police are now moving in on this occupied camp at justin herman plaza. again these are live picture from the scene and we have a camera as well out there which is how we are getting these shots. police are asking them to leave it is about 50 people and they have been camped out through the financial district which is marking the first anniversary of wall street and police have given the protesters a 5:30 deadline to move their tents and get out of there. we do have a reporter on the scene and police are moving in and it is an active scene and we'll see what happens do in fa stand their ground and challenge the police. >> this comes after the big march yesterday. we will follow that live and bring it to you on channel 2. >>> sal is back, you are keeping an eye on this in contra costa? >>
by in los angeles lisa ferguson. hi lisa. good morning. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. now both candidates have had their turns at addressing america during the univision forum this week. president obama sat down for the interview last night using the chance to hit romney over his leaked 47% comment. here is the president's response when asked which version of romney is more sincere. the one who writes off a 47% or the one who believes in 100% of the country. >> when you express an attitude that half the country considers itself victims that somehow they want to be dependent on government, my thinking is maybe you haven't gotten around a lot. >> mr. obama also took to playing defense in appealing to latino voters over immigration reform. this is something he had promised to do during the first year of his presidency and he blamed republicans for the failure. >> obama: there's the thinking that the president is somebody who's all powerful and can get everything done. we have to have cooperation from all th
and feels like summer time in dallas. and 79 in kansas 73 and 81 in los angeles. if you are traveling today. not to bad in the airports. light showers possible for boston and new york. but looking good for memphis and dallas. you could see a thunderstorm later on today. and light travel in portland. hit or miss showers in the northeast and midatlantic. call ahead. always a good bet. >> good advice. >> does it foal like your household is not bringing home the bacon like it used to. how much incomes have actually dropped and here to break it down for us. robert gray. >> good morning ainsley. and research headed by a former couple guys did the survey the household wealth is sliding more interesting than that. since the recovery began. we have seen median next dropping more and they are off by 5.sevenpercent. and the median take home now. 450,964 and that's going back to the 1990s level. when you look at inflation adjusted. and that is the nation slipping in recession at 34.6 hours. and this is following up from the federal reserve talking about the loss of wealth. they had a big report out and
, abc news, los angeles. >>> and when we come back on the broadcast tonight, the extraordinary picture that came in late today. look at this. there is someone on that gurney, sailing through the air. the hair-raising rescue, when we come back. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment. so does aarp, serving americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp dicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. to find out more, call today. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most
." >> a lot of unique artwork inspired by the show is on display in los angeles. >> now you see the path of the cool show the your watching and it is amazing. to honor that and thank the fans. we have debuted over 20 original pieces inspired by "breaking bad." these are done by artists or fans, top designers from around the world. we are about to get started. >> we wanted>> well, obviously s inspired by "breaking bad." i love the walt character so much. >> this is my piece. walt.called i love the idea of taking something that is not for children and switching it around and making it kit friendly. turning into a retro children's album. watching it from beginning and it is awesome. the characters are so well with their unique personalities, so well created. did you just use the word ethically in a sentence? are a two bit lawyer. bought this?who the creator of "breaking bad" what this piece. been a fan of his four .ears >> secrets, speaking from experience. this is the only show on ofevision that is a piece itself. each small detail is there for a which is rare and inspires creativity. it i
nuclear material, why not give some of us to the terrorists heard attack new york and los angeles and then just lie about it. neil: rudy giuliani, thank you for coming. we are in a lot better shape because of this man. what the number 11 means after this neil: 11 years. it is hard to believe. 11 years. reading the names. stark images played again. each year we go through this and i am reminded by this. nearly 3,000 people who never made it who missed out. think about that. 11 christmas mornings and they never saw. thanksgiving dinners they never shared. summers they could not see their kids play baseball. the mom never made her son's high school graduation or what he learned from her and about victorian speech. the brother who never got to see the yankees win the world series with his brother. this sudden who never knew his dad. the dad who never at saw his seven. celebrating 11 birthdays without a parent. 11 seasons without a coach. precious memories that never were for so many families. we forget to in a moment it is not the moment but the moments that are steeled. a daughter's
get for the senate. if you look at the trajectory of barack obama's life in 2000, in los angeles, he could not even get a credential to get inside the convention. he had to leave because his credit card was rejected. this year, he will accept the nomination for the second time as his party's nominee. >> it is interesting to watch, even as these parties are nominating a candidate or three nominating a candidate, everybody has an eye on for years from now. a lot of people with presidential aspirations are making a point going over and visiting the iowa delegation. these conventions are also about the future of the party. that was certainly in 2004 the speech that made a career. but at the time, barack obama was not on any one's radar. >> the mayor of los angeles has been just about everywhere, including this network. the governor of maryland not only delivering a speech in prime time, but performing with his caltech and. but we have not seen much from the mayor of -- the governor of new york. >> we have not and i don't know what his schedule was here. >> the other question about hillar
that a major party platform recognizes marriage equality as a basic human right! >> the los angeles mayor, who is also the chair of the 2012 democratic national convention committee. now more from president obama's speech. >>> this is the choice we now face. this is what the election comes down to. over and over we've been told by our opponents that bigger tax cuts and fewer regulations are the only way, that since government can't do everything, it should do almost nothing. if you can't afford health insurance, hope that you don't get sick. if a company releases toxic pollution into the air, your children breathe, well, that's the price of progress. if you can't afford to start a business or go to college, take my oppent's advice and borrow money from your parents. you know what? that's not who we are. that's not what this country is about. as americans, we believe we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, rights that no man or government can take away. we insist on personal responsibility and we celebrate individual initiative. we're not entitled to success. we have to e
of radiation. the plant is between los angeles and san diego. it serves southern orange county and san diego county. >>> we want to go back to alison burns in our washington, d.c. bureau with more on an alarming report suggesting that the u.s. may have known ahead of time about the attack in libya. allison? >> reporter: david petraeus is briefing members of the intelligence committee here. so far, he's made no comments to the press. "the independent" is reporting that u.s. officials knew 48 hours in advance of the libya attack that american diplomats overseas could be targeted and did nothing about it. four americans, including ambassador, chris stevens, were killed in the strike on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. "the independent" reports that there were orders to. >> to -- orders to go on high alert even though they that -- they knew there was a possibility of this. >> we knew for several months that things in ben ga zip were not going -- benghazi were not going well, so it's unfortunate the folks were able to breaks through the way te did. >> reporter: we're trying to confirm the -- to c
raised in the last few days around los angeles and san san francisco some $9 million. no one expects him to be competitive in the general election. tomorrow he will be going to colorado and first time he has been there in seven weeks. so much time has been spent fund-raising. he has taken a fair amount of heat from republicans in conveying ideas. he will go to colorado tonight, exactly ten days before the first presidential debate will take place in colorado. its clear signal from the romney campaign they hit the state seriously and they have an opportunity to win. tomorrow paul ryan will kick off a bus tour in ohio and romney will join him on tuesday. leaving los angeles now headed for colorado for the event in denver tonight. remainder of the week he plans to accelerate it pretty hard. this is the first weekend he has worked fund-raising both saturday and sunday in more than a month. there is clear recognition that the sprinted is here. they have to step it up to catch barack obama but also to keep the republican base that he needs happy and shows he's got the necessary energy to go th
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